"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to represent you in Harrisburg and fight for our local communities. We need to make public safety a priority, improve our schools and have jobs that provide a living wage for our residents. I have taken difficult issues head on in the past and I know what it will take to get things done in the future. I will never take "no" for an answer."
  • Help increase funding to improve public education without increasing property taxes for local residents

  • Improving safety and security standards to ensure safer schools 

  • Modernize state curriculum to better prepare students for life after graduation

  • Dedicate additional funding to support job training and vocational programs 

Community Progression
  • Collaborate with our Federal Representatives to bring in federal funding that will improve our communities 

  • Create initiatives to attract new businesses to our local communities that will help expand the tax base

  • Support the expansion of youth programs and community centers 

  • Work with senior citizens to protect and expand existing programs 

Workforce Support
  • Proponent of raising the minimum wage

  • Support Labor Unions and unionization

  • Support policies that help create local jobs

Taxpayer Advocacy
  • Provide property tax relief for homeowners and small businesses

  • Tax exports of natural gas to generate revenue and reduce the burden on local taxpayers. PA is one of the only states that does not tax natural gas

Term Limits
  • Promote legislation that will place term limits on elected individuals

  • Reduce complacency in office and encourage representatives to be more active in helping their communities

  • Increase the initiative for change and allow PA to become a state with progressive policies that reflect our current residents